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Empfin Solutions subscribes to the Old Mutual way where “Advice Matters.”

Through the cycle of life, your needs will change and our focus is to be there for you every step of the way and help you plan your roadmap to financial freedom. Once we have your unique plan in place, we undertake to monitor the plan on a regular basis and review the plan at least once a year to see if the plan is still on target.

The life stage map below describes the cycle of life and how we want to be there for you throughout this journey:

Empfin Solutions is proud to be associated with a company like Old Mutual because of the quality and range of solutions they provide to address our customers’ diverse needs.

Even if you have a comprehensive Pension or Provident fund or a private Retirement Annuity, it is recommended that an analysis is done to determine whether you have a GAP between your current retirement provision and the provision needed to ensure adequate income for you after retirement.

We further offer information sessions for all our retirement fund customers on request. These sessions are open to all the staff members so that the employers can rest assured that their employees fully understand the benefits of their fund.

With a wide range of savings plans and insurance coverage options for individuals, Old Mutual is South Africa’s leading financial solutions company, backed by 170 years of wisdom, bringing you personal financial plans to suit your budget and financial goals.


Everybody needs a plan as everyone wants to retire financially independent, yet, only 6% of South Africans can afford to do so. Our comprehensive plan starts with a Goal Development Model that is tailored to your specific goals and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Estate planning is more than just drawing up a will, or making a cashflow analysis;

Estate planning is:

  • making sure that the wishes you have in your will can be executed
  • making sure that there are sufficient funds for your loved ones
  • making sure that your estate planning is tax efficient

Your ability to earn an income is one of your most valuable assets. With it, you are able to provide for yourself, your family and any dependants. Consider what would happen if you were no longer able to provide for them.

People insure their new car before they drive it out of the showroom, yet, they fail to ensure the person responsible for the payment thereof.

The question to ask is thus:  Is your income fully protected for your loved ones should something happen to you?

Taking out funeral cover provides your family with the peace of mind that their expenses can be covered and that they won’t be plunged into debt during their time of mourning.  We offer you affordable funeral cover options to suit your cover choice and pocket. Cover yourself as well as your immediate and extended family with our range of funeral policies.

As is the case with life cover, these are events that you cannot anticipate, however, you can make this part of your plan to ensure financial independence should any of these occur:

Disability cover

  • Provides cash if you are diagnosed as being temporary or totally disabled
  • Cover for monthly expenses in the event of temporary or total disablement
  • Temporary Income Replacement as a separate benefit
  • You can continue to pay your retirement annuity if you become totally disabled

Severe Illness:

Provides cash when diagnosed with a major illness of which the four main areas are:

  • Heart Attack
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

There are a further 64 conditions covered. For more details, you need to talk to your adviser.

Retirement should be a time when you get to reap the benefits of decades of hard work. To do this effectively, you need to start saving when you’re young. With the current advances (not to mention future ones) in technology and medicine, you can expect to live longer. That means you’ll need to make provision for an additional 20 – 25 years if you are planning to retire at the age of 65. The best time to start is always now. Contact us to discuss the various retirement solutions we offer.

Are you aware of the fact that up to 27.5% of your salary can be contributed towards retirement provision and all the contributions will be tax deductible up to a maximum of R350,000 per annum?

We offer solutions for both pre- and post-retirement.

Saving money is key to achieving your goals, whether you are saving for a new car, a trip overseas or a deposit on a home.

Investing your money helps it grow in a number of ways, i.e. through compound interest and increase in the value of the underlying shares or instruments. It makes you financially independent. Saving regularly ensures that you will have less of a need for credit or loans and more money available to buy or do the things you want to do.

Saving or investing for your goal is a medium- to long-term commitment. There are various Old Mutual investments and saving plans you can choose from.

Start investing today!

Investing in an education plan is one way of ensuring your child receives the best education possible and the good news is, it’s never too late to start!  Education inflation is one of the reasons many of us struggle to save enough to cover the cost of school and university fees. Saving for education begins today.  At Empfin, we offer education plans to suit your individual needs and timelines.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from having an investment that allows you to save for your dreams and goals, gives you access to your money at any time, and offers you payment flexibility without any penalties. Not just that, a tax-free savings account in South Africa is an investment where you get your full investment return without being taxed on any of the growth you have earned.

Your last will and testament are some of the most important documents you will ever sign during your lifetime. Your will is an essential part of estate planning as it stipulates how you want your assets dealt with upon your death.

Your estate refers to everything you own and owe, from property and cars to investments and debts. Proper estate planning will ensure that your estate is set up in a tax-efficient way that benefits you during your lifetime and your beneficiaries after your death. Planning is key to winding up your estate quickly with up-to-date wills and trust funds.

Contact us to ensure that you are up to date for when it matters most.

Accidents happen and if you recently purchased a phone, own a home or drive a car, you require reliable short-term insurance. Whatever type of short-term insurance you require, Old Mutual Insure has a solution to suit your needs.

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