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The idea of continuing to work after official retirement is not new. However, the idea that you might do something entirely different from your long-term conventional job or career is rarely on your mind when you are building your career and putting retirement plans in place.

Apart from those who develop hobbies or a side-hustle during the working years, entering a new dimension of work you’ve never previously considered, can be enlightening and enormously stimulating as you activate your retirement plan to fund a retired lifestyle.

Retirement age is set at different points depending on the company you work for. Some people are still working officially at the age of 70 and plus. Many employers recognise that seniors often have strengths that some younger workers lack, such as loyalty and a strong work ethic.

But whatever your reason for wanting a longer working life, you need to consider your motivations. Do you need more money? Are you bored? Are you willing to invest in retraining for a new career? Numerous avenues are open for seniors to either rejoin the workforce or start their own business – the choice is wide and varied.

Ideas to kickstart your second career

Working for charity:
Fulfilling and less stressful, non-profit organisations need seasoned executives and managers who are ready to use their leadership abilities to continue to serve society rather than chase profits. Whether you help children, promote health, rescue animals, or work to improve educational issues, you are likely to find enormous purpose and satisfaction in this new occupation.

Become a mentor, help in a library, train as a relief teacher. Invest in some useful studying to get your skills up to the levels required. Become an adult trainer in a company; teach English as a foreign language; help children disabled physically or intellectually. You can make a meaningful difference in the lives of many people by bringing your valuable expertise to the classroom. Many colleges seek out professionals with significant experience in a range of fields to teach their classes.

Home caring and companionship:
Regardless of your qualifications, you can take a course in home nursing and caring. There is a growing need for certified individuals in this field. Home health aides can assist the elderly with daily household tasks and also provide help for families with special needs children. And sometimes providing friendship and attention Is all that is needed.

Accounting and small business:
Running a small business can be a daunting task, especially if your accounting skills are not well-honed enough to begin your own business. If you’re ready to retire as a qualified bookkeeper, accountant, or even CA or tax specialist, or just really talented at figures – there’s a range of opportunities in the financial stream of small business. Bookkeepers can move between several small businesses, depending on their needs – and need for this service will never wane.

Business consulting:
If you’ve got a range of sound business experience in crucial spheres like management, IT, finance, law or marketing, then your knowledge will always be valuable to someone. There would be a huge demand for you to pass on your skills and expertise. Provided you have the necessary well-developed communications skills, this often makes a lucrative second career for retired persons.

Career coaching:
Career coaching is a particularly good second career choice for retirees with solid experience in human resources, psychology, or recruitment management. If you’ve built your career around people and know how to motivate and match individuals with their capabilities and dreams, you really have a job for life.

For some people this could prove a really fun occupation. You will need a bartending course under your belt, but that shouldn’t take too much effort. Tending a bar calls for a quick memory for orders, the ability to chat to numerous people, a warm personality and good listening skills. And if you’re a night owl and enjoy the busy vibe of the night leisure world, this could just be for you.

Becoming a franchise owner:
Buying into a franchise business is always a risk, just like any business – and it may also require a hefty investment. But if it is what motivates you and drives your business spirit, then taking on the busyness of a new challenge might be perfect for you. Make sure you investigate the business thoroughly before taking the plunge. If your previous career has primed you with strong management and financial skills, you may find this endeavour very rewarding.

Real estate investment:
Investing in property can be an intriguing engagement. You can buy, renovate and flip. Or you can buy to build a portfolio for rental. Rental property assets can certainly make up a valuable income source in retirement planning. Using your property for hospitality is also popular: Bed and Breakfast, or Air B&B, or Couchsurfing. And your marketing is all online, saving considerable expense.

Freelance writer:
Freelance writers usually work from home and provide writing services to several clients, such as companies, media agencies, and individuals. If, during your career, you have developed good written communications skills, a wealth of creativity and an impressive power of persuasion, you could find real fulfilment in this new direction. Writing professionally includes: articles, ghost-writing, content management, web copy, trade publications, travel writing, financial writing, social media. Opportunities are broad and the variety endless.

Which ever way you look at it, working after retirement offers the chance to work on your own terms. Retirement doesn’t need to be feared. It doesn’t imply the end of your value and relevance. It is just the beginning of a new and exciting career chapter in your life.

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